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Change Your Institution Password

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How do I change my Institution Password? What are the Password Requirements?

To Change Your Password:

  • Instructions for changing your password in Windows
  • Instructions for changing your password in Mac
  • Instructions for changing your password Online
  • Instructions for updating your keychain for the Mac side
  • If you have forgotten your password, please visit our instructions for a changing a forgotten Institution password.

Please note that your Institution password will let you into your computer, email, myInstitution, blackboard, and other network resources. Changing your password in any of these places should change it in all of them.

You cannot change your password to your computer while you are off campus. If you change your password while you are off campus, your new password will allow you to access all web-based applications (e.g. email, blackboard, or MyInstitution). You will still need to use your old password to log in to your computer until you are able to come to campus.

Password Requirements

You must ensure that your password is at least eight characters long, and cannot include any part of your username. In addition, it must contain at least three of the following types of characters:

  • An upper case letter
  • A lower case letter
  • A number
  • A symbol

You may not use a password you have used before.

Faculty/Staff members, and those with specific access will be required to change their password every 90 days. You will receive an email 15 days before it will be necessary for the change. You will also receive warnings at 5, 4, 3, 2, and 1 days. These emails will let you know when exactly your password will expire and what steps you need to take to change your password.

If you believe you are following these requirements and are still unable to change your password, please contact Support Central at 405-425-5555 or by email at

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