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Create VPN Connection: Windows 7 and Windows Vista

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You can access the Institution network from off campus by creating a VPN connection. This page provides instructions for creating a VPN connection to Institution in Windows 7 and Windows Vista.

Open Network Connections

Click on the network icon in the system tray at the bottom of your screen

Open Network and Sharing Center

Click on “Open Network and Sharing Center.”

Click on “Set up a new connection or network.”

Choose a Connection Option

  1. Select “Connect to a workplace.”
  2. Click “Next.”

Choose Connection

Enter Connection Information

  1. Type “” in the Internet address field.
  2. Type “VPN to Institution” in the Destination name field.
  3. Check the box next to “Don’t connect now; just set it up so I can connect later”
  4. Click “Next.”


  1. Enter your username.
  2. Enter your password.
  3. You may leave the domain box blank.
  4. Click “Create.”


Click Close to close the Window.

Edit Adapter Settings

On the Network and Sharing screen (which should still be open in the background) select Change Adapter Settings.

  1. Right-click on the VPN connection.
  2. Select Properties.

Type of VPN

Change the type of protocol to “Layer 2 Tunneling Protocol with IPsec (L2TP/IPSec)

  1. Click on “Advanced Settings”
  2. Click the button next to “Use preshared key for authentication”
  3. Enter the word Eagles as the key
  4. Click OK


  1. Click on the network icon.
  2. Select the VPN to Institution connection to expand the menu.
  3. Click Connect.

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If you have any questions or experience any problems with these instructions, please contact Support Central for assistance.

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