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Dual Display Settings: Windows 8

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These instructions show how to adjust dual display settings using the Windows 8 operating system.

Open Display Settings

Click the folder icon in the bottom left hand corner of the screen

Click ‘Open Control Panel’

Click ‘Adjust Screen Resolution’

From this window, you are able to decide how you want your displays to be configured.

To have the same content show on both displays you will want to ‘duplicate displays’.

To have your displays act as one large screen, you will want to ‘extend displays’.

To have only one display your desktop and the other have a black screen until you move something onto it, decide which screen you would like to have your desktop on, either display 1, or display 2.

Choose how you want to configure your displays

  1. Click the drop down menu for ‘Multiple Displays’
  2. Select your display preference based on the descriptions above. This user has highlighted duplicate the displays, or show the same content on both screens.

Configuring extended displays

Where your screens are positioned in this picture show what side of your screen you should drag your windows in order to have them show on the 2nd display. In this example, the user has the 2nd display on the right of the main screen. This means the user will click and drag items to the right in order to have them show on the external display.

To change this configuration, click on desktop #2 (highlighted in blue and red) and move the screen to the side you would prefer to drag your content to.

Apply your changes

Click ‘Apply’

Click ‘Keep Changes’

Click ‘OK’

Click ‘OK’


You have successfully changed your dual display settings. You can now safely close out of the control panel.

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