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How to change the frequency of the Keyspan Presentation Remote

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How and when do I need to change the frequency of the Keyspan Presentation Remote


You need to change the ID of the Keyspan Presentation Remote when

  • The presentation is changing by itself, due to another remote in the vicinity.
  • It has lost connection with the computer and the battery is still good.

Changing the frequency

Several remotes can function within range of each other if you change the channels on the remotes to avoid using the same frequency. To do this, each remote must have a unique ID. To change your remote’s ID

  • Press the Mode Button (the white triangle shaped button on the bottom of the remote) and Press in the Composite switch (the switch on the right side of the remote) at the same time until the Mode button flashes green rapidly.
  • Then using a paper clip or pointed object press the small ID button on the receiver (The part that connects to the usb on your computer).
  • Press the composite switch on the remote again and it will connect with the new ID.
  • If there are more than two Presentation remotes, steps 1-3 might need to be repeated again until the remotes do not interfere with other presentations.

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