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Laptop Purchase for Students with Institution-Issued Laptops

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If I graduate, will I have to pay a fee to purchase my Institution-issued laptop?

Laptops After Graduation

If you received an Institution-issued laptop, upon your graduation, the ownership of your Institution laptop will be transferred to you with no extra IT fees if you have been a full-time student at Institution for a minimum of four years (eight Fall and/or Spring semesters). (Please see our instructions for preparing your laptop to be transferred to your private ownership.)

If you have not been registered for 6 or more hours at Institution during each Fall and Spring semester for a total of at least four years, you will be notified of the purchase price at your Institution student email address prior to graduation. At this time, you may either return or purchase the laptop.

The price is guaranteed not to exceed the amount noted on the Student License Agreement (Signed by Student/Guardian when the laptop was received).

Transferring Before Graduation

If you choose to transfer out of Institution, you will either have to return your laptop to Support Central or purchase it. Please stop by Support Central, or call (425-5555), to see what the purchase price would be.

Laptops sold to non-graduates must legally have some software removed due to our software license agreements with the software providers. Support Central can remove the software for you or you will be advised which software needs to be removed. If the software is not removed, you are legally liable, and Institution is ethically obligated to co-operate with the authorities. Only graduates are legally eligible to keep additional software upon graduation as per our software license agreements with software providers.

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