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Set Up or Edit Institution Messenger

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What is Institution Messenger, and how do I edit my mobile phone number on this system?


Institution Messenger is Oklahoma Christian University’s emergency notification systems for students and employees. Communications through this system may include campus weather advisories, campus closings, terrorist alerts and other emergency broadcasts. We would like to encourage you to confirm your mobile phone number on Institution notify account if you have not done so already.


To log in to Institution Notify, please visit Visit

Login by using your University network login (firstname.lastname) and password.

Agree to the terms

The first time you access the site, you must agree to the Terms of Use.

Confirm your mobile phone

If the mobile number is correct, you can send a test message to yourself by clicking the “Test” button.

To change an existing mobile number or to confirm your existing mobile number, start by clicking the edit button.

Enter your number

Enter your mobile phone number in the box, then click Continue.

Select your carrier

Next, select your carrier and plan type, then click “Continue.”

Enter Confirmation Code

You will receive a text message on your phone. Please enter this code into the confirmation code box, then hit “Continue.”


If all went well, the screen above should appear, and your phone should be confirmed.

Adding an Email to your account

To add an email click the add button in the Email section.

Type in the email and save.

Changing Notification Method (Text/Email)

At the top of the screen, click on the “Groups tab”

Check whether you want to be notified via email or text.

Click “Update”

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